My Testimonial

If I had not found a very special water a few years ago, I probably would be dead right now!  Like a lot of people these days, I had gotten into a routine of some pretty bad habits that were taking their toll on my health.  From my 6 Super Big Gulps each day, to a diet loaded with everything a person shouldn’t eat, I was literally killing myself each and every day.  Then a friend of mine introduced me to a healthy water created from a medical grade machine from Japan.  I know this might sound ridiculous, but it saved my life!!  I have lost over 120 pounds, my cholesterol has dropped over 200 points, my blood pressure has normalized and, most importantly, I went from injecting 130 units of insulin daily for my diabetes to maybe 4 units a day.  I am no longer a slave to that needle! I have also eliminated 12 of the 15 different prescription medications I was taking. This water has been an amazing blessing in my life. Results will vary.

If you would consider trying it, we would happy to deliver it 2 days a week free if you put out our bottles for 30 days. You must live on the ground floor in a single family house if you are in Orange County Ca. We deliver water for one person and we need to know the weight of that person as you will need to drink ½ of you weight per day in ounces. Below is a movie to help you understand what it is doing and you will be going to bathroom more than now. We also need to know your over-all health and is there any condition you are being treated for. This water is 1/5 to 1/7 the size of your water and is alkalized above 8 pH.

l entered the hospital with 150 extra pounds since school. I was treated for Mixed Hyperlipidemia, Mitral Valve Disorders, and Tricuspid Valve Disorders Specified as NonRheumatic, Other Primary Cardiomyopathies, Atrial Fibrillation, Left Heart Failure, Orthostatic Hypotension, Tachycardia Unspecified, Palpitations, Shortness of Breath, and automatic Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator in Situ and given 13 meds with a short prognosis of life. I had started drinking Kangen Water® a few months before. I was unable to sleep lying down because the water surrounded my heart and damaged it as I slept in a chair.

“2 years later and about 200 ounces a day of 9.5 pH water from a SD501, I had stopped 11 of 13 meds after my pacemaker, lost 148 lbs., lost 146 units of insulin daily, lost 127 points of cholesterol, lost acid re-flux, lost constipation, lost back/joint pains and mt Chiropractor and my energy had greatly increased and my blood pressure is 100/70. I have never had a diet or exercise, no lap band just Kangen 9.5 pH alkaline water. This and the intro are my only statements on this bis site. I made this website to help others after the group I started has produced 6- 6a and 1 6A3 and two more are nearing selling 100 machines and I am nearing a 6a-2 also. 

 “Japan’s Ministry of Health awarded this water the title of “Medical Device” since 1965. These waters were installed in 100s of hospitals and treatment centers in Japan some starting in 1974 and some have 40 years of treating internal and external diseases with many videos. Kangen Water aka is one of the largest direct sale companies and members must be invited. The SD501’s have now been in homes and hospital’s  for 22 years and still going strong. Their sales hit 1 million machines and millions are drinking Kangen alkaline water daily and alkaline water are reported to be in 1 out of every 6 homes in Japan, Japanese drink the most alkaline water per person in the world and live the longest and all the 5 waters with 7 pHs are used at 100’s of hospitals and treatment centers for 41 years for internal and external treatment of diseases. Their 6500 Association of Preventative Medicine Adult Disease Doctors tests every product and they only recommend Kangen. The 200 Nobel winners from the Linus Pauling Group give it their award. The ISO who certifies ever airplane part and pacemaker part has given them 3 awards. One for manufacturing, 2nd as a medical device and 3rd for the environmental. They are the only Medical Device! The machines are lasting for 20 to 25 years, being rebuilt and good for 20 more years. US Geriatrics acknowledges Kangen for seniors and Water Quality Association WQA, has awarded its only ionizer Gold award and there is more. I offer this as a well proven alternative.”

We have many ways to buy a machine and you can see them at chose to enter and select the “Technology” button and click on each picture to see the product and what it does.